EMAIL: info@synaptek

EMAIL: info@synaptek

EMAIL: info@synaptek EMAIL: info@synaptek EMAIL: info@synaptek

Advanced Neuroscience Research and

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C.E.O Dr.Kevin W. McCairn Ph.d. has published extensively in the Neuroscience domains of large scale network interactions of the cortico-basal-ganglia-networks. Dr McCairn developed the first primate model of Tourette Syndrome, and how to efficiently use deep brain stimulation for both movement and neurpsychiatric diso

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Current Collaborations

Current collaborators with Synaptek-Deep Learning Solutions are the Neurosurgery Department of the Mayo clinic USA, Seoul National University Hospital, Korea University Primate Research Institute.  

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Information relating to COVID19

Information relating to COVID19


Currently available for interviews relating to the potential harm COVID19 can cause the Central Nervous System.